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Mac at AM 2 comments: Links to this post. Labels: , books , government , signs. The Octopus and There's Something in a Sunday are two novels that are connected to Hollister in some way. Does anyone know of another fictional work that has part or all of its story based in our area?


Unfortunately, Norris died in , a year after The Octopus was published. The story is about the conflict between California wheat growers and a railroad company. Norris based The Octopus on the events of a tragic dispute that took place between Hanford, California settlers and the Southern Pacific railroad in Norris conducted research for his story in Hollister.

One of the places in his fictional place was the Quien Sabe Rancho. There's Something in a Sunday , published in , is part of the Sharon McCone series written by Marcia Muller , a thrilling storyteller. Sharon McCone is a private detective who works out of San Francisco. In this adventure, Sharon's case takes her to Hollister to investigate clues. Unlike Norris' novel, Muller actually mentions Hollister and describes locations that many of you may recognize.

John Roy Musick, F. Freeland A.

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Roberts, Nancy Hubbard, Jeanette Thomas. Author: Tarrin P.

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You never come out the way you went in. Prince Charming Must Die! He's a vampire. Destiny is a bitch. Author: Aimlie Aames.

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