Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville (American Sports History Series)

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What was popular was "town baseball," fierce competitions between local teams to best the other in all aspects of baseball, particularly power hitting.

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It was from this environment that Jimmie Foxx, one of major league baseball's most talented players, began his journey toward the majors. Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville , is the story of one of baseball's most ferocious hitters. Growing up in small town Maryland, Jimmie seemed destined to play major-league baseball. By age 16 he was already playing professionally and wowing fans with his ability to smash homers. During his major-league career he appeared in three straight World Series, played for the Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Red Sox, and spent the baseball season closely pursuing Babe Ruth's single-season home run record.

The comparison to Babe Ruth has not been lost on many baseball scholars, but goes relatively unknown by the general public and many baseball fans. The most inclusive biography of Jimmie Foxx to date, Millikin's book provides a complete picture of his subject. Scarecrow Press. Series: American Sports History Series. A September slump cost him the batting title to Lou Fonseca Foxx ultimately finished 4th , but he still pounded the ball to a.

His on-base percentage of. The championship season brought plenty of attention to the year-old slugger, and he was feted royally in Sudlersville in celebration. The season brought more of the same to Foxx and the Athletics. The team took a bit longer to put away its competition, this year coming from Washington, but it repeated as American League champions. A torrid early season was again the fashion for Foxx, as he hit 22 home runs through June and had a game streak in July when he hit.

He finished the season with a. The game was scoreless into the top of the ninth inning.

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The game-winning home run gave Foxx one of his proudest moments and he later cited the blow as one of the greatest moments of his career. Off the field, Foxx continued to enjoy his favored childhood pastimes of hunting and fishing. He often took extended hunting forays with his teammates in the offseason, between barnstorming trips. Some newspapers reported Foxx to be a moderate eater who watched his diet during the season, but he also was known to tip the clubhouse boy famously for bringing him huge meals before and after games.

When he returned home to Maryland, he frequently indulged in backwoods country feasts, including lifelong passions for Virginia ham and home-made peach ice cream. He enjoyed movies and collected autographed photos from his favorite stars, with Katharine Hepburn tops on the list. In , a Philadelphia newspaper ran an article linking Foxx romantically to actress Judy Holliday, but this was later revealed to be a hoax.

Nonetheless, he did develop some expensive big-city habits. Foxx spent large sums on the best clothes money could buy, a tendency shared by wife, Helen. He also had a fondness for personal grooming, frequently visiting his manicurist during the season. As his salary grew, so too did his generosity and profligate spending. The star slugger gave handsome tips to everyone from the bellhop to the batboy, and he insisted on picking up the entire tab at every dinner and outing.

Jimmie Foxx

He was known to literally give the shirt off his back if someone asked him for it. After winning consecutive World Series, the Athletics had an even better regular season in The team won games and cruised to the pennant easily despite competition from a Yankees team that scored nearly seven runs per game. Foxx continued to play a key role, but was hampered by serious knee and foot injuries, as well as the beginnings of sinus trouble that would haunt him in later years.

Still, he hit 30 home runs and had runs batted in, the third of 12 consecutive seasons of over 30 home runs. Foxx hit. In his three postseason appearances, Foxx hit. In August, Foxx injured his thumb and wrist in a household accident, and although he played through the injury it hampered his power output. Going into the last weekend of the season, Foxx had hit 56 homers, and he tried his best, hitting two more in the final two games.

In the intervening five years, screens had been erected in St. Louis, Cleveland, and Detroit that reduced the number of home runs in those ballparks. In an interview with Fred Lieb after the season, Foxx stated that he had lost 6 home runs to the screens in St.

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Louis alone. Aside from his 58 round-trippers, he led the league with runs batted in and narrowly missed the batting title with a. After the season, Mack began the dismantling of his championship team. Declining attendance and personal financial woes due to the Depression left Mack desperate for money, and he was forced to sell off the only valuable asset he owned: the stars of his ballclub. Al Simmons was the first to go, followed by Grove, Cochrane, and other starters from the three pennant-winning teams.

Playing through a series of leg ailments, Foxx hit 48 home runs with a. He was selected to play in the first All-Star game, and he hit for the cycle against Cleveland on August The ghostwritten volume attributed his batting success to developing his wrist muscles and getting plenty of practice. For the third straight year, he hit over 40 home runs, and even stole a career high 11 bases.

The most significant events of for Foxx came after the season.

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In an exhibition game in Winnipeg, a pitch thrown by minor-leaguer Barney Brown struck Foxx on the forehead and knocked him unconscious. However, he suffered from sinus problems for the rest of his life, which in turn led to extreme difficulties on and off the field. Despite this setback, Foxx was allowed to accompany Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and other all-stars on a historic tour of Japan in November. To help cover the loss of Cochrane, Foxx returned to his original position behind the plate to start the season.

He had a strong arm and by all accounts handled pitchers well, but eventually moved back to first and third because of injuries to other players. The Athletics fell all the way to the cellar, but not without another strong year from its last remaining star.

Foxx tied Hank Greenberg for the league lead with 36 homers and finished only three points behind in the batting title race. After the season, the long-rumored trade of Foxx finally came to fruition. In later years, pitchers Lefty Gomez and Ted Lyons enjoyed spinning yarns about the tape measure shots Foxx hit off them. In , sinus problems brought his performance down dramatically. Foxx went through homerless streaks of 16 and 24 games, and hit a mere.

Although he topped his Comiskey Park blast by hitting a ball out of Fenway Park to the right of the center field flagpole against the Yankees on August 12, speculation began that his career was on the downslide. In , Foxx silenced his critics with one of his greatest seasons. He proved that his power had not diminished by hitting five home runs in the last week of the exhibition season.

In May, he hit 10 home runs and drove in a whopping 35 runs.

http://e-newcarprices.com/1468.php Other highlights followed, including a game on June 16 in which he was walked six times, tying a major league record. Still, when the dust had settled over the season, Foxx had won two-thirds of another Triple Crown, batting. Foxx enjoyed another superb season, batting. From through, Foxx slugged home runs and drove in 1, runs. During his years with the Red Sox, Foxx moved into a hotel and was separated from his family for long periods. It was during this period that the first signs of his drinking problems appeared.

Although known to imbibe occasionally, he was never reported to be a heavy drinker during the early years of his career. After his beaning, his sinus problems brought him acute pain -- a pain that subsided with alcohol. Roommate Elden Auker recalled several nights when Foxx would be plagued by severe nosebleeds.

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His ample free time in Boston led to increased after-hours activities, and he bragged to Ted Williams about the amount of scotch whiskey he could consume without being affected. A teammate with the Chicago Cubs remembered that a walk back from the ballpark to the team hotel with Foxx was fraught with dangerous opportunities, as the veteran enjoyed visiting each of his favorite taverns along the way.

Although his drinking problem is a matter of record, it is important to point out that Foxx was never noted for violent or aggressive behavior.

The Pride of Sudlersville

To the contrary, he was known as a gentle peacemaker, often mediating disputes in card games and making sure rookie roommate Dom DiMaggio got to bed on time. According to one story, the player avoided a fine from Joe Cronin for missing a curfew when he returned to the hotel lobby in the early morning with the owner in tow. It seems much more likely that it was a diminished batting eye caused by the beaning and related sinus problems that led to his decline.

Foxx also frequently played through injuries that would have sidelined other players, and eventually this took a toll as well. Foxx remained an all-star slugger in and , driving in over runs both years and hitting a total of 55 home runs.