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What is Environmental Science? Definition and Scope of the Field

Popular Features. New Releases. Description Every branch of science, every profession, and every engineering process has its own language for communication. Environmental health and environmental science are no different. To work within these major environmental fields, you must acquire a fundamental but wide-ranging vocabulary and knowledge of the components that make them up.

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An understanding of the tools, techniques, and key terms and concepts in the interrelated fields of environmental health and science is necessary for effective practice. Spellman and Revonna M. Bieber define and explain the terms and concepts used by environmental professionals, environmental science professionals, safety practitioners and engineers, and non-science professionals.

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Environmental science and health and occupational health and safety are not single topics, but rather a complex, colorful, and diversified array of interrelated subjects including all of the basic sciences, computer science, government, engineering, measurement, physics, health and disease, energy, security, disease, injury identification prevention and control, and much more. The practicing environmental specialist or student of environmental science, technology, health and safety engineering should know these topics. S45 Reference. Mullner Call Number: RA E Reference.

Bieber; Frank R.

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Spellman Call Number: RA S64 Reference. E58 Reference. C72 Reference. S65 Reference.

Second edition. M Reference.

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Fourth edition. Encyclopedia of school health by edited by David C. Wiley and Amy C. Encyclopedia of Health and Aging by Kyriakos S. Rothfeld; Deborah S. Romaine Call Number: RA A Reference. Carlson; Stephanie A. C Reference. W Reference.

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Brunette; Jeffrey B. Nemhauser Call Number: RA C45 Reference.

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