An Introduction to the Trinity (Introduction to Religion)

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Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Mediating the Divine: Law, Gift and Justice 4.

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Knight's lucid and percipient grasp of theological and biblical debate, as well as of recent theoretical and philosophical methodologies, grants his close readings a rare insight students and academics will readily appreciate. In his sharp exploration of ideas such as the creation, sin and eschatology, Knight leads us through a dazzling array of literary texts from Shakespeare and Donne, to Rossetti and Dickens, Rushdie and McEwan to illustrate what it means to pursue a religious reading.

In doing so, he reveals that religious reading, an approach often wrongly assumed to be dependent on sacred or moral content, is rather grounded in the critical ability to renew and re-imagine language within a framework that opens up new ways of thinking about subjectivity, community, hope, vision and love. It resonates at times like a well-tempered doctorate The publisher, I should add, is to be congratulated on a workmanlike production, in typography and presentation, that has served the author well.

At all times Knight produces a thoughtful engagement, occasionally leading the reader down paths less often taken. While the language and style is light, the thoughts bring the reader into a richly textured conversation. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

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An Introduction to the Trinity : Declan Marmion :

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Mixed feelings about this book. Firstly, it is a short, easy read.

An Introduction to the Trinity

The author explains why the doctrine of the Trinity is central to Christian life and practice. He focuses on the fact that God the This winsome, warm, in places electrifying, text changed the way I think about God and my relationship with him to be more trusting, close, and real. In accessible but biblically accurate language Michael Reeves Ph.

He oversees Theology Network, a theological resources website.